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THE RUSSIANS is a film about the photography of Oleg Videnin. It looks at the unknown world of so-called normal Russian life and the real people Oleg Videnin uses in his work.


The film accompanies Oleg Videnin as he photographs people on the streets of Bryansk, as well as in Russia’s empty villages and along Russia’s roads. He also provides a deep insight into his working methods in the darkroom and the methods he uses when photographing people. The film includes several sequences of Oleg Videnin’s outstanding and moving photography.


The documentary also includes interviews with Russian curators Evgeny Berezner (Head of the Department for Photography and Multimedia at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art), and Irina Tchmyreva (Art Historian and Curator, Moscow).



Oleg Videnin was born in Bryansk (Russia) in 1963 and graduated from the Bryansk Technological Institute in 1985 as a “forestry engineer”. He began work first as a forester then as an actor, before turning his hand to journalism. He worked for several newspapers, radio and TV channels and was a member of the USSR Union of Journalists.

Passionate since childhood, he used to take photographs of his world in Bryansk and since the late 1990s has been working on a body of photography showing the normal Russian people of Bryansk and surrounding areas. His work became popular on the Internet and has received a considerable amount of attention from the photographic community. His photography can be seen at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Russia). He has won several prizes and has been a member of the agency PHOTOGRAPHER.RU since 2005.


He lives with his family in Bryansk.


Solo Exhibitions:

2005, Photonet-Studio, Moscow. “Portraits”,

2008 Gallery Photographer.ru, Moscow. “Portraits from the suburbs,”

2009, Gallery Sputnik gallery, New York. «The Journey Home»

2010 Gallery Fotoloft, Moscow. “Subjective Paris”,

2010 Gallery Serbian Fotounion, Belgrade, “Portraits from pokrajine”

2011, the Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney. «Crossroads»

2011, FotoVisa, Krasnodar. “Meetings in the way”

2011, FotoFest, Houston. «International Discoveries III»

2012, Perm State Art Gallery. MUSEUM PHOTOS, Perm. “Portraits from the suburbs”

2012,  FotoFest, Houston, Contemporary Russian photography,«Perestroika»

2013,  Gallery Dziga, Ukraine, Lviv. «Portraits from the suburbs»

2013,  Gallery New Kovcheg, Ukraine, Lviv. «Plechevye»

2013, La Quatrieme image. Paris, France. «Portraits from the suburbs»

2014, Gallery Fotoloft, Moscow. “Wheel”

2014, Festival Internazionale di Roma FOTOGRAFIA, Roma, Italy. “Kids”

2017, Art fair “Art-Ufa 2017”, Ufa, Russia. “10 photographs”

2017, 1 Fotofest “Vmeste”, Novosibirsk, Russia. “Girls from the suburbs”

2019, ZERNO gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. “Hotel”


Museum Collection:

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts  (Moscow)

Moscow Museum Contemporary Art (Moscow)

Bashkortostan State M.V. Nesterov Art Museum (Ufa)

Museum of Organic Culture, Museum of Photo Art (Kolomna)


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