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Line of Beauty and Grace



A Documentary about Jock Sturges


Beauty, truth, identity, family life, an appreeiation of nature, and, not least of all, enduring love: nearly everything associated with an ideal human existence seems addressed in Line of Beauty and Grace, a documentary by filmmaker and photographer Christian Klinger about Jock Sturges, an Ameriean photographer whose vast body of work has held a unique position in the world of contemporary photography for more than three decades.
Extraction of Film Review in Eyemazing

I have always been obsessed with the fleeting idea of beauty. It is in the times of political correctness, it is a lonely
quest to find an artist working beyond the superficial world of fashion. I was greatly moved when I discovered his work
and his warm and generous personality.
These were the emotions, which inspired LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE.
The main question we posed was, “what is beauty and why is the work of Jock so inflaming?” We were unable to
answer this clearly. And it is maybe this inability, which becomes the strongest criteria in defining beauty and art.


Rene Blümel (mastering)
Thomas Tielsch (advice, filmtank Hamburg)
Katja Kirsche (Translation)
Glummie Riday (Translation, Voice Over)
Julia Berke (Voice Over)

Maia Davis and Marine
Vanessa Beverly-Whittemore
Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Steven Meyer
Audrey Leclercq
Ronja Gerlach
Camille Jackson
Marie-Sophie Poignee
Allison Sturges
Rita Riewerts
Jean-Christophe Ammann
Prof. Klaus Honnef
Bodo Niemann
Gerhard Steidl

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