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The Russians



A Film about Oleg Videnin


THE RUSSIANS is a film about the photography of Oleg Videnin. It looks at the

unknown world of so-called normal Russian life and the real people Oleg Videnin

uses in his work.

The film accompanies Oleg Videnin as he photographs people on the streets of

Bryansk, as well as in Russia’s empty villages and along Russia’s roads. He also

provides a deep insight into his working methods in the darkroom and the methods

he uses when photographing people. The film includes several sequences of Oleg

Videnin’s outstanding and moving photography.

The documentary also includes interviews with Russian curators Evgeny Berezner

(Head of the Department for Photography and Multimedia at the Moscow Museum

of Modern Art), and Irina Tchmyreva (Art Historian and Curator, Moscow).



German Galynin

“Passacaglia. Andante Sostenuto”

“Fugue. Allegro”

Performed by Tatiana Fedoseeva, Alexei Lundin, Vyacheslav Marinyuk

Courtesy of Franck & Stein Ltd.

Oleg Videnin – Irina Shahrai – “The dream of the poet”

Oleg Mityaev – “Fires” – “огоньки” (


Bodo Niemann (Advice)

Nicky Brown (Translation)

Julie Rodina (Translation)


Ivan and Olga. Victoria and Valery.

Evgeny Berezner, curator, researcher, theorizer of photography.

Deputy Director of ROSIZO State Center for Museums and Exhibtions, Ministry of Culture

of Russia, Head of the Department for Photography and Multimedia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Irina Tchmyreva. PhD., curator, photography art historian. Senior Scientific Researcher at

the National Research Institute of Theory and History of Art, Russian Academy of Arts; Assistant

Professor of Visual Culture and Photography, Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

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